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The most expensive hotels in the world

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Around the world we can find a wide variety of hotels that offer a good stay but are also hotels that give you an outstanding stay regarding their services and environment, those are the most expensive hotels in the world, such fabulous resorts that are the perfect stay for the high life and all those who enjoy living large.

Grand Resort Langonisi

Located in Athens, Greece. A holiday site highly regarded by celebrities worldwide. The suites combine classic Greek decorations with a distinguished glamor, each room has a butler.



Hotel Glace in Canada

A luxurious hotel built with snow and ice, its walls are covered with magnificent works of art with ceilings of more than 5 meters. It has many rooms and themed suites, an amazing ice bar, a luxurious lobby and cinema.


Hotel Mandarin Oriental New York

A very luxurious hotel on Broadway. It has 248 rooms and 46 suites including leading fantastic floor to ceiling windows. Its facilities include swimming pools and steam bath rooms with amethyst crystal, and also give to the guests a unique view of Central Park and the Hudson River.


Park Hyatt Paris

A luxurious hotel that is located in the City of Light. All rooms were designed by Ed Tuttle, one of the best architects in the world. Its facilities are composed of experts in interior decorations.


The Burj al Arab

This is the most expensive hotel in the world, located in Dubai. Its construction is in the form of sailboat with about 321 meters high and built with walls of gold. It has an underwater restaurant, water parks, 4 pools and spacious rooms of 780 square meters. It has some 8,000 square meters in the floor of gold imported from India.


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